Often Replicated Never Duplicated Limited Edition Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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We should want to stand out & be different. Being true to yourself & embracing your uniqueness will always leave you with a feeling of self-empowerment. Consistent use of bar codes began in 1973 when the Universal Product Code (UPC) became the standard indicator of a unique product. You are unique.  Let's celebrate our differences! Insist on being yourself and never imitate. With a little different spin on the original, this "Often Replicated Never Duplicated" Limited Edition t-shirt remains a classic shirt with a great fit. Perfect for boys or girls!

• 100% jersey cotton

• Unisex

• Durable ribbed neckband

• Not intended for sleepwear


Size guide

  8YRS 10YRS 12YRS
Height (inches) 48-50 51-54 55-59
Chest (inches) 26 27 28